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Our Teaching Strategies

At RSC, we provide quality coaching to all students. But as education-providers, we know only quality education doesn’t give the best results. Students also need things like library, a free environment, regular tests and mind-relaxing activities which let their mind relax and help them perform better in the main exam.

To provide a student that they might need to excel in their exam, we provide them with:

  • Full - time Faculty - Students can come here anytime and get their doubts cleared.
  • Daily lectures – Ensuring students have the maximum practice in all modules in 3 months of coaching.
  • Study material – Everyday students are provided with study material related to modules they are studying that specific day. This material is developed by the in-house faculty after an intensive research.
  • Additional support batch - As the name suggests, support batch is for the students who require polishing their Basic English & Grammar skills to perform well in entrance exams.
  • Library – A well-equipped library which gives liberty to practice for long hours.
  • Mock Tests – Range of daily test series which enables students to know their strengths and weaknesses and draws attention of faculties over the student’s performance. >
  • Special Batches – We respect your valuable time and to get comfortable with the timing of working professional/ housewifes, we provide special grammar & IELTS batch at 7pm to 9pm also.
  • Mock Test - A mock test series which gives clarity about where you stand before your exams & what is needed to be improved to get desired bands.
  • Learning while enjoying – At RSC, knowledge is not only imparted in lecture hall. It is also imparted at Cinema Hall. To enhance the listening skills of students in order to understand foreign accents, we conduct movie session which helps in improving student’s listening skills. So, here students learn while enjoying movie with their friends.
  • Same Faculty - Frequent changing in teaching method results into lack of proper understanding of subject. To avoid this, here, we maintain the same faculty for particular batch, so the same faculty can keep track of the students’ learning.
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